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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Time!

So....oh! I've signed up for this thing called the Crossfit Games and, long story short, it involves me doing a certain prescribed workout every week and then posting my scores and feeling ashamed/proud of myself. This week's workout (no, I haven't done it yet, get off my back!) 30 double unders, 15 power snatch (75 lbs) AMRAP 10 minutes. Ugh, why did I sign myself up for this?

Sun 3-20-11: Hilliard
Crossfit Strength & Skills - mostly worked on overhead squats, max weight 95 lbs, then pull-ups and kipping pull ups

Mon 3-21-11: Lewis Center
Krav 2
Krav 1
Crossfit - Warm Up: 100m run fwd, 100m run bwd, 10 rollovers, 10 overhead squats, 10 sit ups, 3 rounds; WOD "Helen" - 400m run, 21 kettle bell swings (18lbs), 12 pull ups, 3 rounds; time 12:08

Tue 3-22-11: Hilliard
Krav 1
Krav 2

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