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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Crossfit Games!

Today was the day that I did the first workout for the Crossfit Games (as previously mentioned) and, well, I wasn't happy with my results. It's silly of course because I have no expectation whatsoever to do well in this competition and, honestly, I did about as well as I had expected to. Still...Anyways, see the workout below:

Thur 3-24-11: Hilliard
I skipped my usual Krav 1 class to practice for the CG workout.

Sat 3-26-11: Hilliard
Krav 2
Crossfit Games Week 1 Workout - 30 doubleunders, 15 snatch (75 lbs) AMRAP 10 minutes - 2 rounds, 30 double unders, 3 snatches


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